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        Hey! I am Sachit (Satch) Puri. I am a Game Producer and a Game Designer currently earning an accelerated BS/MS degree in Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor in Communication. 

        I grew up in India and moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia at the age of 14 and video games have always been a huge part of my life. I love playing all kinds of games, especially puzzle, FPS, and story-driven games.

        As a designer, my goal is always to bring a captivating experience through creative game design, puzzle design, and level design. 

        As a producer, I always aim to be a facilitator and work with artists, developers, and designers to ensure the game development cycle goes as smoothly as possible and deadlines are met in a timely manner.

        I use Agile methodology to make sure the process and progress of a game’s design, development and release actually happen. My experience as a generalist programmer, game designer, web developer, and UI/UX programmer help me be a be an efficient producer and see a project through to completion. 

When I am not working on games or playing them, I love rock climbing, cooking, watching cinema, stand up comedy and listening to music. 


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Thanks so much for reviewing my portfolio. For questions about my skills and experience, or even if you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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