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Unity | January 2017 - May 2017

        BlackFeather is a  3D co-op platformer racing game set during the golden age of Pirates. Two players of rival pirate gangs play as a pirate and a parrot to compete to get to the treasure at the top of the lighthouse before the other.

        The game is split into two phases: the pirate phase and the parrot (or the bird) phase. Both players start at the same platform but one player starts in the pirate phase and the other in the parrot phase. As a parrot, the players can slow down the enemy pirate by dropping objects on him or triggering traps along the path. After a short amount of time, the players switch roles. Each time they swap roles their pirate will stay where they left off on the course. They will continue to swap roles until one of the pirates reaches the treasure at the end of the level. The goal is to be the first pirate to reach the treasure and to claim that gold for yourself!

        This game was created in 8 weeks by a team of 5 developers and 3 artists and was featured in ImagineRIT 2017. 


        BlackFeather was created in a Production studio. I worked as a Game Designer, Lead Developer and Animator 

Game Designer: 
  • Helped with designing the game.

  • Came up with the traps and obstacles for the parrot phase

  • Helped with the pacing of the level

  • Designed and Developed UI and HUD icons for the game

Lead Developer
  • In charge of making sure the programming team is on track with their tasks. 

  • Conducted code reviews and ensure programming standards as well as help out in Gameplay, level design, and AI programming when needed. 

  • Used Agile conducting bi-weekly meetings to assess the progress of the team.

  • Developed the UI and the HUD for the game.

  • Worked with shaders to give the game a Borderlands-style art.

  • Team's lead animator had to leave the project due to medical reasons so stepped in to animate the pirates, parrots and other environment objects.

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Development Team 
  • Satch Puri (me) - Game Designer, Lead Developer, Animator

  • Joel Shuart - UI Programmer, Audio Programmer, Level Designer

  • Josh Malmquist - Producer, Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer Level Designer

  • Charles Williams - Generalist Programmer, Game Designer

  • Kevin Idzek- Generalist Programmer

Art Team
  • Gregory Kreisel - Art Lead

  • David Chang - 3D Artist

  • Israel Jimenez - 3D Artist 


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