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Unity | Microsoft Mixed Reality | January 2018 - May 2018

Castle SilVR Menu
Castle SilVR Menu

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Castle SilVR Stage 1
Castle SilVR Stage 1

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Castle SilVR Level 2 Layout
Castle SilVR Level 2 Layout

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Castle SilVR Menu
Castle SilVR Menu

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        Castle SilVR is a VR stealth/puzzle game based in a fantasy land where the player has a godlike magical presence. The player is Tiny Terry’s guardian and needs to assist him in plundering Christoph the Magnificent’s lavish castle. The player can move walls, furniture and wall decorations to guide Tiny Terry through Ingrum Castle and to help him not get caught by the Ghoul Knights of Halgar and thrown in Deep Huskk Prison.  

        Tiny Terry has to collect a certain amount of treasure before he can pillage the next floor and get out of the castle with his loot. The player can move around the world to get a better view of the Castle and to solve the intricate puzzles that lay waiting for the player in Ingrum Castle.

        The player also has the ability to move the level up or down to get a better angle. The player earns points by collecting treasure. The player only gets one chance to steal the treasure and make it out alive.

        This game was created in 3 months by a team of 5 developers and 4 artists. Castle SilVR was showcased at ImagineRIT 2018 and was selected to be featured at RIT President's Alumni Ball 2018


        Castle SilVR was created in a production studio to experiment with VR in Unity. I worked as the Producer, Lead Designer, UI/UX Developer, and Level Designer.

Game Producer: 
  • Led the team of 5 developers and 4 artists using Agile methodology

  • Created the project timeline and milestones and conducted standup meetings twice a week​

  • Assigned resources and created art, level design and development pipelines to reduce bottlenecks

  • Consulted with outside resources to help with VR development

  • Led creation of milestone presentations and ensured all game processes are well-documented

Game Designer and Level Designer
  • Led design sessions to brainstorm features and mechanics 

  • Researched into stealth VR and puzzle games

  • Created the design document and high concept design document templates and collaborated with the developers to document all the design rationales

  • Helped with level design to ensure each stage has flow and a sense of progression

  • Added lighting and populated the levels to make the levels feel more lively

UI/UX Developer
  • Designed and developed the UI for the game

  • Worked with artists to create unified UI and HUD icons

  • Helped with designing the tutorial segments





Development Team 
  • Satch Puri (me) - Producer, Lead Designer, UI/UX Developer, Level Designer

  • Joel Shuart - Lead Developer, ​Designer, Level Designer

  • Noah Bock - Generalist Programmer

  • Varun Mhatre - Generalist Programmer, Audio Programmer

  • Erin McAnany - Level Designer, Generalist Programmer, Designer

Art Team
  • Kevin Li - Art Lead, 3D Artist

  • Binyu Sun - 3D Artist, Illustrator 

  • Wanqi Zhang - Environment Artist, Animator

  • Zhangliang Wei - 3D Artist


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