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Unity | August 2018 - Ongoing

2019-03-15 04_48_28-Lightless
2019-03-15 04_48_28-Lightless

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2019-03-15 04_46_57-Lightless
2019-03-15 04_46_57-Lightless

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Lightless Section 1 Segment 1 Map
Lightless Section 1 Segment 1 Map

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2019-03-15 04_48_28-Lightless
2019-03-15 04_48_28-Lightless

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        Lightless is a puzzle - adventure game where you fall into a sinkhole and wake up surrounded by darkness. Find a way out of this mysterious chasm by solving environmental puzzles using whatever light sources you can find but, beware! There are monsters that dwell in the dark that are attracted to light... 
        Lightless is currently in development and set to release in May 2019. All the current footage is from the pre-alpha version of the game.

        Lightless was showcased at Magic Spell Studio's grand opening and will be showcased at GDC 2019 as well as Rochester Game Fest 2019.


        Lightless is a Masters Capstone project being worked on by 7 Game Design and Development Graduate Students, 2 Audio Composers and 2 Typographers. For my Master's thesis, I am researching into light-based puzzle design. On Lightless, I am working as the Game Producer and Game Designer.

Game Producer: 
  • Using Agile principles created the project timeline and milestones and conducting standup meetings twice a week

  • Managing sprint cycles, contingency planning, minimizing bottlenecks and resolving roadblocks.

  • Assigning resources and overseeing development, design and art teams and feature integration

  • Leading the creation of milestone presentations and ensuring all game design and development processes are well-documented

  • Ensuring all the project artifacts are updated frequently

  • In charge of running playtests

Game Designer 
  • Leading design sessions to brainstorm features and mechanics. 

  • Researching into environment based puzzle design and light-based mechanics to design player, AI and tool behaviors. 

  • Created the design and development documents. 

  • Ensuring implementation of mechanics has the right game feel and all features match the unified design for our game.

  • Designing numerous modular puzzles to be integrated with the level

Level Designer
  • Designed the mechanics -demo level showcased at Magic Spell Studio's grant opening 2018.

  • Designed the gameplay-demo level being showcased at GDC 2019

  • Working with the level design team to create a captivating environment. 

  • Ensuring the level layout has good pacing and flow. 

  • Integrating puzzles in the level and populating the world to create a sense of mystery and danger to fit the game's theme of cautious exploration. 

  • Grayboxing the level segments in Maya and exporting to Unity

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Core Team 
  • Satch Puri (me) - Producer, Game Designer, QA

  • Nitish Victor - Developer

  • Jishnu Girish - Developer

  • Aiden Melendez - Artist

  • Anushka Nair - Developer

  • Varun Bajaj - Level Designer

  • Erin McAnany -Game Designer

External Team​​​
  • Seth Wright - Audio Composer

  • Shoghi Hayes - SFX Composer

  • Tianjin Zhang - Typographer

  • Belinda Chang - Typographer​

  • Varun Malhotra - Audio Composer​​


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