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Unreal Engine 4 | Analog | Website | August 2017 - Ongoing


        Lost & Found is a strategy card-to-mobile game series that teaches medieval religious legal systems with attention to period accuracy and cultural and historical context created by a Prof. Owen Gottlieb, Prof. Ian Schreiber and a team of faculty and students at the Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy at Magic Spell Studios.

        The first game in the series is a strategy game called Lost & Found. In Lost & Found, players take on the role of villagers who must balance family needs with communal needs. They must balance cooperative actions even while addressing individual needs. The game emphasizes the pro-social aspects of religious legal systems including collaboration and cooperation.

        The second game in the series, Lost & Found: Order in the Court – the Party Game is a fast-paced storytelling and judging game. Players compete to tell the best story about how a medieval legal ruling may have gotten to court in the first place. The game emphasizes legal reasoning.

        Both games have been published through Magic Spell Studios and I am part of the team currently working on creating an expansion pack for Lost & Found - the Strategy game for both the analog and digital (prototype) versions. 


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       I am currently working for and being mentored by Prof. Owen Gottlieb Ph.D. as his Lead Graduate Assistant for ~ 2 years. On Lost & Found I focus on producing and project management, game development, and web development. I have presented Lost & Found with faculty at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Boston Festival of Indie Games.

Game Producer: 
  • Working under Prof. Owen Gottlieb Ph.D. to help with the production of all 3 games for about 2 years. 

  • Tracked spending on Azure App Services, Cloud Storage and Virtual Machine used for our private repository.

  • Led team meetings on a weekly basis and ensure all the art assets, card designs and features are implemented on time.

  • Track and assign tasks to teammates using Trello

Game Developer:
  • Worked to update Unreal codebase for the iOS version of Lost & Found from Unreal Engine 4.9.2 to Unreal Engine 4.21.2 using C++ and Blueprints

  • Led the development team with debugging.

  • Managing the game repository. Migrated project repository from Perforce (Git 1.6.02) to Gitlab (Git 2.19.1) 

  • Built and exported the game to  iOS

  • Working with the development team to build the expansion pack and digital prototype in Unreal Engine 4.21.1

Web Developer & Designer:
  • Designed and built the website for the game series using bootstrap and JS

  • In charge of updating game assets on the storefront pages and updating the website with news and accolades of the game.



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       It's exciting to work on a multi-award winning game series! I am currently working on an expansion pack for the game series.  It’s an honor to be working on so many aspects of the newest game in the series and to help promote and teach the public about the whole series. Some of the awards the game series have won are:

  •  Inducted in the Strong Museum of Play

  • Bronze Medal at the International Serious Play Awards

  • Showcased at Smithsonian American Art Museum Arcade 2018

  • Best non-digital game at the International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play 2018

  • Featured in the Connected Learning Summit 2018

  • Showcased as BostonFIG 2018

  • Best non-digital game at the International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play 2018

  • Featured in NASAGA 2018

  • Featured in The Board Game Workshop Podcast

  • Featured in Which Game First

  • Featured in the Boston Hassle  

  • ...and more


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