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NodeJS | HTML/CSS | May 2018 - Ongoing

        Project Rose is a cross-platform web app which uses a new innovative approach to using interactive media for healing and pain reduction. This is a collaboration project between faculty and students at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Washington.

        This project is under an NDA so I can't go into the details about the project except that it uses proprietary audio and video cues to help users feel better and that we built an encrypted audio/video player using MPEG-Dash and HLS

        The prototype of the project has been built and gone through the first iteration of beta testing and currently being prepped for clinical testing with a small study group (40 - 60 people) for IRB (Institutional Review Board). 

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       This project was started by Dr. Owen Gottlieb, Dr. Laurence Sugarman, and Dr. Mark Jensen. I work on the project as the Producer, Lead Designer, and UI/UX Designer.

  • Created the development timeline and milestones and scoped the project for MVP and prototype.

  • Created and managed costs on Azure and Heroku for App Services, Storage Accounts, and Virtual Machines. 

  • Created cost analysis spreadsheets comparing various services offered in Azure and Heroku at different price points. 

  • Led migration from Azure to Heroku.​

  • Led migration of project repository from Bitbucket to Gitlab on a private server. 

  • Created and managed tasks on a weekly basis using Trello.

  • Inducted new team members on the project and went over all the features and requirements.

  • Conducted requirements testing and helped set up the bug tracking system on Gitlab as well as creating user stories

  • In charge of maintaining all the project artifacts

Lead Designer
  • Designed the various back-end and front-end modules in the website and its functionality. 

  • Led a 3-day design retreat to gather requirements, design, and scope for the project.  

  • Designed the flow of the web app by creating UI and Process Flow diagrams. 

  • Designed functionality for the audio/video players.

  • In charge of creating and maintaining the design and development documents.

UI/UI Designer
  • Created the UI flow diagram for the project.

  • Created desktop and mobile wireframes for every page and the video player.

  • Helped the illustration team with designing the logo, icons, color palettes for the day and night modes and video player. 

  • Created and iterated on all the description text for all the modules, login etc.

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  • Satch Puri (me) - Producer, Lead Designer, UI/UX Designer

  • Dr. Owen Gottlieb - Executive Producer, Co-Creator 

  • Dr. Laurence Sugarman - Co-Creator

  • Dr. Mark Jensen - Co-Creator

  • Cody Van De Mark - Development Consultant

  • Chris Egert - Development Consultant

  • Stasha Blank - Developer​

  • Irvin Do - Developer

  • Christian Martin - Front - End Developer, Designer

  • Brandon  Rodriguez -  Developer, Designer

  • Colin Friday -  Producer, QA, Designer

  • Marina Bacino  - Illustrator

  • Katarina Tesmar - Illustrator


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